Embellished Make-up Bags!

Make-up bags are perfect for holding your beauty supplies and products and for travel.  They are a must-have for make-up artists and everyday women who wear make-up.  Our beautiful make-up bags are great for personal use or to give as gifts!

If you wear make-up, chances are that you go through a couple of make-up bags a year.  Perhaps you have a special make-up bag for special occasions.  Perhaps you have an old-faithful black make-up bag that you use for EVERY occasion.  Your make-up bag is likely used for several items (make-up, make-up brushes, nail file and polish, tampons, etc.).  Many women use their make-up bag for several different small items.  It speaks to the need for women to pretty much pack every item related to upkeep and beauty in a bag to take out of the house with them!

Our bags are made from a canvas material and embellished with a variety of rhinestones.  They are durable and cute!

For inquiries or orders, send an email to info@itsjustcute.com.

What Are You Serving at the Halloween Party?

Halloween parties provide a wonderful opportunity to show off your creative side!  If you are a baker, you can get pretty wild and crazy with cookies, cakes and cupcakes!  The best parties have an assortment of Halloween cookies, cupcakes, cocktails and of course, CANDY.

Check out these Monster Strawberry Cupcakes.  My goodness!  They are too cute.

Photo credit: Yummy Crumble









Halloween Cuteness!

Halloween is right around the corner.  While many costumes will be scary, there will be plenty of super cute costumes to oohhh and awe over!    If you’re still looking for costumes, don’t hesitate to send an email indicating what you are looking for.  We’ll help you find it!