What Are You Serving at the Halloween Party?

Halloween parties provide a wonderful opportunity to show off your creative side!  If you are a baker, you can get pretty wild and crazy with cookies, cakes and cupcakes!  The best parties have an assortment of Halloween cookies, cupcakes, cocktails and of course, CANDY.

Check out these Monster Strawberry Cupcakes.  My goodness!  They are too cute.

Photo credit: Yummy Crumble









Halloween Cuteness!

Halloween is right around the corner.  While many costumes will be scary, there will be plenty of super cute costumes to oohhh and awe over!    If you’re still looking for costumes, don’t hesitate to send an email indicating what you are looking for.  We’ll help you find it!











Three Must Have Bar Accessories

Bar accessories are so addictive.  Don’t you feel like you need accessories for every different kind of spirit there is?  Champagne accessories, cocktail accessories, wine accessories – they are all so cute and they really add to your hosting experience!  Of course, they also make great gifts!

We LOVE these Kate Spade accessories for entertaining guests at home with your favorite spirits.


Bejeweled Bottle Stopper
Two Piece Stripe and Dot Bar Set
Two Piece Bottle Stopper Set
Two Piece Bottle Stopper Set

Cocktails Anyone? Try this Champagne Dream!

This champagne cocktail is simply DIVINE, and it’s a dream come true for pomegranate lovers!

Photo Credit: Delish



1 ounce of pomegranate liqueur

1 ounce of Cointreau

1 ounce of fresh orange juice

3 ounces of champagne (or sparkling wine)







Shake the pomegranate liqueur, Cointreau and fresh orange juice with ice.  Gently stir in the champagne (or sparkling wine).  Stir into a flute and add garnish.

Place one of our mirrored, messaged stirrers (i.e., cheers, congrats or bottoms up) in this cocktail for guests!  Enjoy!

Our Holiday Picks: Rose Gold Is Everywhere this Holiday Season

Today is CYBER Monday!  By now, you’ve either done some shopping online or in and around town, or you plan on shopping at your favorite retailer soon!  We’ve started shopping too!  During our travels online and at brick and mortar stores, we’ve noticed that rose gold is IN!  This color is everywhere!  Here are three “rose gold” finds for the 2016 Holiday Season.  Enjoy the most wonderful time of the year! Xoxo

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Candle Holders
Rose Gold Candle Holders
Rose Gold Flatware
Rose Gold Flatware
Bathroom Accessories, Rose Gold Accents
Bathroom Accessories, Rose Gold Accents