Our Holiday Picks: Rose Gold Is Everywhere this Holiday Season

Today is CYBER Monday!  By now, you’ve either done some shopping online or in and around town, or you plan on shopping at your favorite retailer soon!  We’ve started shopping too!  During our travels online and at brick and mortar stores, we’ve noticed that rose gold is IN!  This color is everywhere!  Here are three “rose gold” finds for the 2016 Holiday Season.  Enjoy the most wonderful time of the year! Xoxo

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Candle Holders
Rose Gold Candle Holders
Rose Gold Flatware
Rose Gold Flatware
Bathroom Accessories, Rose Gold Accents
Bathroom Accessories, Rose Gold Accents

Pink and Blue Birthday Banner

Birthday banners are a great way to add decor to a party.  The more customized it is, the better!  Switch out the number 21 for the number 1 or the number 50.  When the birthday girl or boy sees their new age on the banner, they will certainly feel special!  Generic parties are just a big fat no-no.  Customization and personalization go a long way!

Photo Credit: Emerald City Paperie
Photo Credit: Emerald City Paperie








Happy Planning!

New Retail in SE, Washington DC at The Yards

The Yards will host some new retailers, including local designers, beginning October 7, 2016 through the end of the year.

Photo credit: Farrah Skeiky
Photo credit: Farrah Skeiky








This is information was taken from www.popvile.com

From a press release (edited):


1331 4th St. SE, Suite 108


October 7th through December 31st

Friday through Sunday

10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. daily

Steadfast Supply, a weekend retail market celebrating DC-area makers and creatives, is excited to open in The Yards neighborhood on October 7th with retail running through the end of 2016. The market is the creation of Virginia Arrisueño, founder of DeNada and curator of the DC MEET Market and Parcel Market, and the uniquely industrial and interactive space is designed by Nathan Hill of Nh.d Studio.


The concept space is housed in a 4,000 square feet space inside Arris (at the corner of 4th and Water Street), a revelation for DC apartment living located at The Yards. The space will offer unique retail brands and creative organizations (from DC and beyond) an exclusive opportunity to be a part of the growing Yards neighborhood, inspiring them to thrive, grow their businesses, and make Washington, DC their own. In turn, the space will play an active role in connecting Washingtonians with local creative minds helping build community and meaningful relationships.



Vendors will rotate roughly every month, and each round will consist of 15 to 20 vendors offering products ranging from men’s and women’s clothing and accessories, food, home goods, art, jewelry, skincare and beauty, and beyond. The opening lineup of vendors includes:


Rotating installations and art will be a major feature of Steadfast Supply. This effort will be led by Kelly Towles, one of DC’s most notable emerging artists and founder of Holy Bones studio and creative agency. More information on artists and related events will be available soon.


Steadfast Supply will also incorporate a communal lounge and a working locale on-site with complimentary Wi-Fi to allow for co-working, collaboration and community building.


Every weekend, Steadfast Supply will host events ranging from creative workshops, food and drink tastings, family events, and more. Some of the first events include a botanical perfume blending class with Florescent on October 15th, an introduction to screen printing with Nh.d Studio on October 22nd, and a watercolor class with artist and author Marcella Kriebel on October 30th. Future events will feature Sofar Sounds, Scissor & Comb Salon and more. Tickets for all events can be found on the Steadfast Events Calendar, and new events will be added regularly.”

A Saudi Princess Needs a Personal Assistant! Candidate Must Have an Eye for Fashion!

Are you qualified?  An unnamed Saudi princess is advertising for a personal assistant with an annual salary of up to $140,000.

An advert posted on Career Builder states that the role, which will be based in Washington D.C., requires candidates to hold a bachelor’s degree and have two years of experience as a personal or executive assistant to a family.

The Saudi royal family will be “looking for someone with experience and eye for fashion” to accompany the princess. The listing also asks for someone that “knows the D.C. metro area’s best restaurants and locations,” but does not identify the princess in question.

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Saudi Princess